Welcome all home cockpit & flight simulator enthusiasts,

on my new web site.


This site is still under construction and will be improved with new information and pictures of my project building a helicopter simulator cockpit of the Bell TAH-1F Cobra from time to time. So please do not be unpatient when it takes some time for an update. 



On these pages  I will announce and share with you  information and reports about my current project of a Bell 209 AH-1 F Cobra helicopter flight simulator cockpit which will work in combination with the MS FSX flight simulator program.

After long research in the internet I think I am unfortunately the only one in Europe who is building a Bell 209 AH-1F Cobra flight simulator cockpit, but I hope on anybodys help and the share of information to get it perfect or complete.

This project still will take a lot of time , sweat and efforts to be completed. But..... I DO NOT GIVE UP in collecting parts and scanning the net to get some help. Every hint from you  helping me to complete this project is welcome. So do not hesitate to write me under my contact page on the end of this site.

Enjoy the site.