For all who are interested I have listed the available technical descriptions and manuals of the Bell 209 AH-1 F (S mod.) Cobra Helicopter

Below listed the most technical informations which were very helpful  :

TM 55-1520-236-10 Operators Manual

TM 55-1520-236-23-1 Structure Repair

TM 55-1520-236-23-2

TM 55-1520-236-23-3 Structure parts

TM 55-1520-236-23-4 Wiring

TM 55-1520-236-23-5 Wiring

TM 55-1520-236-23P-1 Repair Parts

TM 55-1520-236-23P-2

TM 55-1520-236-23P-3 part numbers

TM 55-1520-236-CL Check list








and a lot more.

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